Australian Made Sublimated Sportswear


Seaborne Clothing brings you a world of choice and unlimited designs for your team or club.

We manufacture 100% Australian Made sublimated sportswear right here in our Sunshine Coast factory.

Sublimation is a process where special dye inks are printed on transfer paper and then heat pressed onto fabric to fuse the colours into the material. It offers brilliant colours, doesn’t fade or peel off and can be printed in any design you want.

The process is perfect for netball dresses, soccer and football jerseys, supporter shirts and any other clothing where you need a colourful and striking design.

We offer great prices and quick turnaround times, so if you need quality Australian Made Sportswear contact us today  on 07 5448 7124 or


netball dress Australian made
Australian Made Netball Dress
socer shirt australian made
Australian Made Soccer Shirt
seaborne clothing factory
One of our skilled machinists

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