Nearly 10% of Vietnams Kids Are Child Labourers

In 2012 the US Department of Labor added garments from Vietnam to its list of products made with forced child labour, one of just four other countries whose garments received this designation.

According to the Vietnam National Child Labour Survey 2012, released in 2014 by the Vietnamese Ministry of Labour:

  • 1.75 million Vietnamese children (1 in 10) of the national child population are categorised as “child labourers” in communist Vietnam.
  • About 1.315 million child labourers are identified as children who are AT RISK in activities ‘prohibited’ for adolescent workers or in hazardous working environments
  • 32% or nearly 569,000 children work more than 42 hours per week
  • At least 2 in 5 child labourers are aged just 5 – 14

Unicef reports that 11% of child labourers (192,000 children) work in Vietnam’s flourishing garment industry.

The Vietnam Ministry of Labour, Invalids & Social Affairs (MOLISA) maintains that child labour is essential to the survival of the garments sector.


2 in 5 Child Labourers in Vietnam are aged just 5 - 14.
2 in 5 Child Labourers in Vietnam’s garment industry are aged just 5 – 14.

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