Competitive quotes on new, updated or improved school uniform designs

Seaborne Clothing will help you create, improve or modernise your school uniform. Whenever formal, sport, team, technology, VET, science, camp, music or staff uniforms are required, contact us for a quote. Seaborne Clothing will help you realise anything from a  simple update to a polo shirt design or socks with your school name on them right through to a fully coordinated whole-school uniform story reflective of your school’s image and the expectations of students and staff. Call us on 07 5448 7124 whenever your school is considering a new uniform or updating the existing one:

  • Parents are asking for Australian Made alternatives to current imported uniform items
  • Parents/students/staff suggest improvements to the existing uniforms’ construction/quality/design
  • Calls for new items to be added to the uniform
  • A new school is opening/ A new uniform has been designed
  • Rebranding or new school logo design creates impetus for changes to the uniform
  • Response to traditional / formal uniforms restricting incidental physical activity and play, particularly for girls.
  • Sourcing ethically made alternatives as student leaders become aware of the prevalence of child, labour, forced labour and slave labour used in the garment industries of developing nations.

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